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Originally Published in the September 5, 1946 Issue of The Woodbridge Advertiser

AMERICAN MOTORISTS HAVE NARROW ESCAPE (Palgrave) — A party of tourists from Michigan had a narrow escape on Sunday when their automobile turned over at the C.N.R. railway crossing at the Black Horse on No. 9 highway. The automobile with a small trailer attached had come from the east and the driver being a stranger in the district was quite probably unaware of the sharp and sudden drop between the two railway crossings which are quite close at this point.

It is quite generally recognized that the different levels of the two railways (C.P.R. and C.N.R.) would make improvement here a very difficult undertaking. However, we are greatly surprised that the Department of Highways has not long ago erected a self-illuminating sign which would warn strangers approaching from the east both in daylight and darkness of this sharp and sudden drop. The cost involved would be very small. There were seven passengers in the automobile which upset there on Sunday and while the car finished with four wheels in the air and facing back, no one suffered very severe injury.

GIANT CHICKEN-HAWK SHOT (Woodbridge) — A chicken hawk with wing-spread of 55 inches was shot near here this week by Chief Constable Herbert Weatherill.

HELP WANTED — An experienced man by the year for farm work. Willing to pay $100 per month for suitable man. Married man preferred. House supplied. Contact J. W. Cochrane, Thornton. Phone Ivy 2-r-4.

NINE AT TONSIL CLINIC (Schomberg) — Five girls and four boys had tonsils removed at a pre-school tonsillectomy clinic in a nursing home here on Tuesday, Aug. 27. It was in charge of Dr. Hawthorne Steele of Toronto and Dr. M. K. Dillane of Schomberg. The average number at these clinics held every two or three months in Schomberg ranges from four to five. There were five at the last previous clinic on June 28. Excellent progress is being made by each of the nine undergoing the operation last Tuesday.

FISHING LUCK IS GOOD, (Tottenham) According to reliable reports, Jack Dunstan, Bill Stevenson and Jack Worrod encountered good luck on a fishing expedition at Three Mile Lake near Huntsville. Their catch included five large pickerel.

DIVING, ROCK GASHES HEAD (Woodbridge) — A deep head gash requiring seven stitches was suffered by Tom Griffith, 9-year-old of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Griffith, 8th Ave., when striking the sharp edge of a submerged stone while diving in the Humber River just south of the village. Of sturdy type, the painful injury did not keep him from being present Tuesday for the opening of Woodbridge public school where he is a 6th grade pupil. Tom had been given medical attention by Dr. G. D. McLean.

THURSDAY, SEPT. 19 — Auction Sale of Farm Stock, Implements, Etc, By G. S. Corbett, Lot 15, 14th Line, East Garafraxa Twp. (1/2-mile south of No. 9 highway). Jas. A. Davison & Sons. Auctioneers.

SATURDAY, SEPT. 28 — Auction sale of Farm Stock, Implements, Etc. By O. H. Bagg, Downsview. Ken & Clarke Prentice, Auctioneers. LOST — A two-strand string of pearls on August 26 at Innis Lake. Finder please communicate with Mrs. J. J. McMullin, Caledon East. Phone Mono Mills, 4-r-11.

FOR SALE — 150 Leghorn year-old Hens, laying well, good strain, $1.00 each. Apply to Geo. A. Bowes, Lot 16, Third Line West, Chinguacousy, Phone Victoria 17-r-5.

HELP WANTED — Capable girl or woman for general housework to commence Oct. 1. No washing. Liberal time off. Phone Mrs. J. B. Hayhoe, Woodbridge 99.

NICE KIND OF GOSSIP (Sand Hill) — “Say something good about the one to your left” was the theme of a novel roll call response at the August meeting of Sand Hill Women’s Institute. Plans were discussed for a glove-making course to be held in March. Mrs. Craig Wilson gave a reading on “Money”.

BUILDING BRICK GARAGE (Claude) — A spacious brick garage is being built in connection with his residence here by Orton Maxwell who until recently operated the service station at the Claude corner. TWISTER LIFTS BUILDING (Huttonville) — A miniature tornado lifted and demolished a driving shed and a henhouse on the farm of B. Van Vlict, 5th day, Aug. 25. Some trees were uprooted. Twelve of 600 chickens in one of the buildings were killed. “The black funnel of wind took five minutes to move from the side road up the lane to where it jerked up the buildings,” the owner said.

FIND SHATTERED SAFE (Victoria) — A large safe, with the door blasted open, was found in George Smith’s swamp, between the first  and second lines of Chinguacousy. The shattered strong box was trucked into Victoria at police request by George Williams.

DOG PREVENTS BREAK-IN (Inglewood) — Intruders attempting to break into the service station of Dean Keyes on the Centre road near here were discouraged by the unfriendly reception of a large police dog inside the building. They had jimmied open a door before giving up the idea.

PROWLERS SOUGHT CASH (Caledon) — Early Sunday morning thieves breaking into the general store of M. H. McKenna here obviously were interested only in money. Jimmy marks were found on the cash drawer, but it failed to yield to opening attempts. Nothing else in the store was disturbed. Entrance was gained through a basement opening.