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About Auctions Ontario

Since 1935, we have been dedicated to the Ontario auction industry, working hard to be the number one auction resource in the province.

We give buyers the information they need to find the perfect vintage toy, antique collectible or original painting (and so much more!) that they have been searching for. Our complete listing of auctioneers and auctions allow sellers to find the perfect purchaser for their items. No matter where your interests in auctions lie, we are the experts who are here for you.

Auctions Ontario is more than just an auctions inventory, we strive to power the Ontario auction industry with live and online auction listings, auctioneering resources and our classified listings.

Eighty years ago, Roy Lavery’s first issue of The Woodbridge Advertiser rolled off the press. Since then, the publication has grown and evolved to meet the needs of the Ontario auctioning industry to become the number one auction resource in the province.

What began primarily as a farm publication has become the auction bible for antique dealers, collectors and weekend antique hunters alike.

The Woodbridge Advertiser outgrew its name, and is now Auctions Ontario, listing over 2000 auction sales a year. 

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